Dear Diary,

If you haven’t already read the “About Me” section, you should probably go ahead and do that because I won’t be repeating everything I’ve already written. That would be kind of boring, wouldn’t it? I wanted to focus on telling you why you’re on my page right now, at this exact moment. If I’ve gotten your attention thus far, I’m doing my job. But I plan to keep you wanting more! Just don’t fall off the edge of your seats…

This is my time to shine. I am officially welcoming you into my world, one step (or blog) at a time. Blogging was always on the back burner for me. I thought about it, but the fear of not knowing where to begin quickly distracted me. What would I write about? Would people be interested? Not only that but can I KEEP them interested? There were so many factors to keep in mind. “I’ll look into it tomorrow,” I told myself. Even though I knew something else would have my attention. But here I am, officially doing it. This is just the beginning!

What I’m most comfortable writing about is my anxiety, which plays a huge role in my crazy life. But I promise to put smiles on your faces, too. This is my diary, except it’s not so private. I’m purposely leaving my diary to be found by all of you, and you may do with this as you please. If in some way we have connected, let me know. If you would like me to expand on something I’ve talked about previously, I will gladly do so. Suggesstions are always welcomed and I hope to hear from each and every one of you!


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