Imperfectly Me

Teenage love: it’s so easy to fall into, but even harder to let go of. I was finally feeling good about myself after all that happened. Of course, there were days when I felt down in the dumps and complained about everything. As a teenage girl, that was normal. It’s called PMS. But I no longer looked at myself in the mirror as someone who was attacked. I met someone who liked me, for me. I didn’t have to pretend to be the girl who had everything together. I was allowed to have flaws and still be happy. I had found my person and life was headed down an open road with lots of opportunities. 

To my own surprise, we didn’t date right away. High school boys were exactly that, boys. All they wanted was to come to school the next day bragging about who they hooked up with the night before. But this one was different. He took the time to get to know me: my likes, dislikes. He learned all of my secrets and passions. This time I swore it was meant to be. There was no way I was setting myself up like I had in the past. I mean, what guy would be so accepting of my past and learn to see through it? I wasn’t like other girls, I came with a lot of heavy baggage. I liked to look at it as being perfectly imperfect. But he was okay with that.. so I knew, this was it. 

His demeanor was always so overpowering. When we walked the halls the crowds cleared. His deep voice traveled through everyone’s body like a poison. It was always best to know that he was in charge, no matter what. My friends warned me about him. Well.. tried to. They saw a side of him that was invisible to me. But I didn’t want to hear the negativity. I felt like they just wanted me to be unhappy. One by one, they dropped like flies. But when I had no one, I had him. 

It was common for girls to lose interest in their friends for some guy they loved spending time with. I fell right into the trap. It wrapped around my ankle and the chains were too strong to break. But the butterflies in my stomach had me flying high above the rest. I was willing to go wherever this relationship would take me AND my imperfections. But, where would I end up?

There was only one way to find out.. enjoy the ride. 


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