Catch Me if You Can

There was always that fear that the past would come knocking on my door and refuse to leave. Living in such a small town made it easy to run into each other, but I wanted to avoid that at all costs. I only imagined that seeing him again would send me into a time that I tried so hard to steer clear of. Every time I hopped into my car, he was near. Each corner I turned was an instant reminder that he’d always be watching. When he said he wanted no one else to have me, he meant it. 

But this new guy… what a charm. I had only met him the one time he stopped by my work place. I didn’t have time to doubt his want in getting to know me. When I saved my number into his contact list, he texted me right away. We played a series of twenty questions, but it went on to be a lot more than that. He made sure I was comfortable with the pace of our relationship. While he knew that I had a burden weighing me down, trying to stop me in my tracks, he made me aware that what we had was like no other. I didn’t have any true reason to believe that yet another relationship would go sour. Each time I pulled back a little, he reeled me all the way in. When he displayed the bait, I couldn’t help but bite again. I was in for something amazing. 

Texts were sent back and forth within seconds of one another. His name instantly deserved a heart next to it. Each time my phone came to life I knew my world would be brightened. But there was always that one time that my ex’s name made its big debut. I had never read a longer apology in my life. Not for one second did I imagine myself back with him, but he always managed to question my mental health knowing I no longer wanted him around. The unsureness that settled within my body was agitating. I wasn’t convinced that I was capable of making my own decisions. But if I came across as someone who couldn’t handle herself, I was sure that this new guy would withdraw from the bond we had just started to build. My ex would then get what he wanted… just like he always had. 

I didn’t want him to get in the way of what I was trying to pursue with my new protector. He really did want to shield me from all the damaging memories that were packed into my brain. He made it crystal clear that I would never be abused again, not on his watch or ever. To my own surprise, I trusted him. I was far from suspicion… I knew that everything he said came straight from his heart into words. I watched each letter fall from his lips to rest easy into the palm of my hands. This was a huge turn around from the catastrophe previously at large. 

The first night we decided to meet with one another had my heart skipping beats. I had learned so much about him yet couldn’t help but feel nervous. I was going to be alone with someone who wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. This was new to me. I had to soak it all in because this time… I was meant to be here. 

And there I stayed in his arms, all night long. Moments like this were meant to last forever. 

Catch me, I’m falling. 


34 thoughts on “Catch Me if You Can”

  1. I love reading your post they’re always so heartfelt and full of emotions! Have you ever thought of formatting these like poems? X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  2. I can’t imagine living in a small town where I could run into any of my exes. That would just be a nightmare! I’ve only run into one ex after a breakup and that was because we had mutual friends. Great read though! Glad you found an awesome man though 🙂


  3. Awe, my goodness, this was cute. I use to be a Creative Writing major and this just took me back. It’s awesome that you’re putting yourself out there and giving us the tiny details. It’s so important to share the emotions of past relationships because there are so many girls out there who can come back stronger just from reading something like this! Thank you for this pretty piece of writing.


    1. Creative Writing was my absolute favorite class! I think the tiny details are what’s most important. I’m trying to help people see the true signs of abuse within a relationship because they’re not always visible. Thanks so much for reading!


  4. What an awesome story! Everyone deserves their happy ending. Sometimes it takes someone who isn’t perfect for us so we know the right one when we meet them!


  5. Such a good read! Your style is beautiful and so heart felt, and it’s awesome to have the courage to write from the heart, to show the inside to the people outside. Love the ending, too! Keep the good work going. From woman to woman, thank you! 🙂


  6. You are a fabulous writer, I love the flow of your post! So glad you let your guard down and embraced the moment. After living challenging experiences it can be hard to let our thoughts go of repeated damage. Hope you continue to thrive🙌🏾


  7. I’m so happy you were able to find such a loving, trusting person after being with someone that made you feel far from happy and safe. I’ve read the most recent article so I’m quite intrigued to see where this goes 💚


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