The Versatile Blogger Award


As a fairly new blogger, it has been such an honor to meet and work with the great people of the blogging community. When I published my first piece, I had no idea it would bring me to where I am today. I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award, which is a tag passed along by bloggers noticing others’ work for what it truly is. Knowing that I have brought something special to the table has kept my spirits high and untouchable. I want to thank my nominator, Nia, who blogs at She described me as an incredible writer and for that, I have worked extra hard to keep my readers happy. If you take the time to read through her blogs, you’ll have a true understanding of who she really is. Her page is fun and her honesty is admirable. Click the link and check her out!

The rules to follow after receiving this nomination are to –

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 10 other bloggers of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know they’ve been chosen


7 facts about me… how exciting! I love getting to know the writer behind the keyboard. If you’ve been following my story, I’m sure you have a list of things engraved in your brain that has been hard to forget. My writing technique has been the real deal… a raw, emotional upbringing meant to help find the voice to others’ struggling. It’s now my turn to use the keyboard as a way of re-introducing myself. What about me makes my life so interesting?

  1. The first thing I never fail to mention is my role as a mother. My daughter, she’s my world. She was born in January of 2016 and has grown into such a perfect human being. I’m also nine months pregnant with a little boy. He will be making his big debut in no time!
  2. I am a huge fan of sports. Football, baseball, and basketball. Over the years I have learned so much to fully understand them for what they are. I would be lying if I told you my face isn’t glued to the screen during Sunday Night Football!
  3. I can still watch cartoons regularly. There is nothing I love more than catching up on episodes that I remember seeing as a little girl. Full House (not a cartoon but a childhood show) is probably my all time favorite. I have watched and re-watched every episode countless times. Since the birth of my daughter, I have added Bubble Guppies to that list. What can I say… the songs are catchy and cut cleaning time for me in half!
  4. There are two things I’m obsessed with; Nutella and candy. I’ll admit, there have been numerous times I’ve taken the jar out of the cabinet just to sink my finger into the puddle of chocolate. I mean, of course, I licked it off. Who needs bread, anyway? Candy is always my go-to when I have nothing else to eat. I love anything sweet and sour… kind of like my personality.
  5. I love musicals! The first one I ever saw (well, remember seeing) was Rent. I remember feeling so lucky to be a member of that audience. Many people don’t know this, but singing is my second language. When I feel an abundance of emotions creeping up on me, I release that tension through song… and boy, do I let my heart out sometimes. Dancing is another passion of mine. I could never forget the times I used my double-mirrored closet as a dance studio and moved my body like there was no tomorrow.
  6. Spending time with my family is extremely important to me. I wasn’t a fan as a teenager but once I started my own family, I realized how much there is to miss when you aren’t around. Having a football team of supportive family members is something you’ll always be fortunate to have. Without them, I don’t know where I would be today. I can say, however, that each one of them has taught me something I can pass on to my kids one day.
  7. I’m pretty funny. Well, I like to think that I am. I’m awkward but I don’t mind putting that character to light. I’ll make it known when we first meet because that’s the corkiness in me. I used to be uncomfortably shy but the different stages of my life have helped my wings spread. I’ve since then learned to find the positive in almost everything… I’m still working on that!


There’s a little about me, beyond the Unfiltered Mama. I am now nominating the following to pass on this tag –

These bloggers are all talented in their own ways! I feel that by going through each site, I have learned a thing or two about them that has already made us closer. I hope all of you take full advantage of this nomination and know that you DESERVE it! I wish the best of luck to you as your blogging journey continues. I can’t wait to read your responses!

Thank you for taking the time in getting to know me! I will be taking a short break from the blogging world as I adjust to a new schedule ahead of me. Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with me! I will be on social media, but my next blog post will be postponed temporarily!

Stay tuned!



24 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. FOOTBALL!!! My wife and I absolutely love football, in fact her due date is on Sept. 7th and that’s the opening night of this NFL season. She’s been pestering her OB/GYN to make sure there is a tv in the room so she can watch while she delivers!


  2. Congrats on the award! I was never close to my own family growing up (i.e. rebellious teenage girl) and didn’t realize the value of family until having my own. I feel like our relationship has gotten a lot better since having my own kids. It’s kinda put myself in my parent’s shoes and I’ve learned to be a lot more patient and understanding.



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