An Uncommon Goods Holiday

This post has been compensated by Uncommon Goods. However, all opinions and suggestions are my own! 

UGGoodbye, Summer! In just a blink of an eye, the season came and quickly drifted off with the current of the ocean. While the warm weather may have stuck around (so over it), the holidays are returning and we’re all in full freak mode. You cannot walk into a mall without stocking stuffers and Christmas trees trying to make eye contact with you. I mean COME ON! We’re barely into the fall season! I don’t know about you, but I need a bit more time to prepare for the deserted shelves and unfinished wish lists.

I steer most of my holiday anxiety from not knowing what to buy for my loved ones. I’m sure I can’t be the only one, am I right? Well, I have a solution for everyone! I was recently introduced to a website that’ll keep your mind busy and your fingers scrolling. There is nothing more satisfying than finding all the right products in one spot. Get your browsers ready… because here it comes! If you’re looking for the perfect gift guides to help make your holiday shopping less intense, then UncommonGoods is where you need to be.

UncommonGoods is an online marketplace that was created in 1999. With each independent maker comes a unique design made to influence the people and our beautiful planet. As a business that is persistently growing, the UG team manages to keep the environment as their focus and works with recycled materials whenever possible. But the magic doesn’t end there! Being that they’re an independently-owned business, they are able to shape the world by supporting causes they are truly passionate for. Through their Better to Give program, $1 is donated with every purchase made and is contributed to a partner of your choice. Since starting the program in 2001, over one million dollars has been donated! How awesome is that?

Now that you are more familiar with the business and where they originated from, I’d like to share some ideas that’ll make your big debut in gift shopping for Christmas much more pleasant. When I started browsing the UG site, I was reminded that shopping for my dad and hubby is what cues the sweat beads on my forehead. They are the two most important men in my life yet finding a gift for them seems almost impossible. Well, not anymore! Uncommon Goods has plenty to offer with their exclusive gift ideas for men. To name a few…

men gifts

Guitar Pick Punch // Have you ever seen something so unique? This item is matchless for the musicians in your family. Create a custom guitar pick using household items of your choice! Tell your hubby to gather up those old credit cards… don’t cut them, reuse them!

F-Bomb Paperweight // My dad would totally rock this in his office. I could only imagine the organization this would bring to his bill slips and receipts. Plus, who wouldn’t want to add this to their desk decor?

Marble Beer Chilling Coasters // This gift set is undeniably fitting for the men in our lives. Set these coasters in the refrigerator or freezer and prepare for a natural chill during NFL Sunday. They’ll never waste another soda or beer!

Eye Glass Holder // Complaints about losing glasses again? Add this to your shopping cart! This hand-carved wooden nose eyeglass holder is the perfect sidekick for keeping your glasses nearby.

Are you loving these ideas? You’ll no longer feel that edginess when shopping for your number one supporter… the one you call Dad! You can browse the large UG selection to see what else customers are leaving under the tree for their Dad at home. And let’s not forget about our significant others! I could see the smile on my hubby’s face now… it’ll be a Christmas to remember when using the UG shoppers gift guide.

I have provided only a small sampling of my favorite products found on the Uncommon Goods website. But I carry the most certainty when I say that your Christmas list will be complete after checking out what they have to offer!

A gift for everyone! Happy shopping!


Unfiltered Mama


41 thoughts on “An Uncommon Goods Holiday”

  1. Great post! It’s hard to find unique and quirky gifts these days and this seems like a great resources to do just that. Christmas will be here before we know it!


  2. I had never heard of Uncommon Goods before. It looks like they have some really fun and unique gifts. I definitely need to check it out for Christmas and family birthdays that are coming up!


  3. Pretty sure the ‘f-bomb’ is going on the top of my Christmas list immediately! Thanks for sharing so many fun ideas!


  4. I’m really into the concept of buying gifts for kids and just letting everyone else know they are loved. The commercialism can really get out of control. But I think Uncommon Goods seems like a really neat store. Especially because it is really hard to find gifts for men. So it’s great that they have unique ideas so you’re not just giving dad a tie.


  5. Uncommon Goods is an ideal online shopping center for everyone, for that fact that they remember to give others is the more reason why everyone should patronize them. Am all covered for this season but I all keep them in mind for next year.


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